Muzzoom Generic Shorty Lipo Holder


A generic holder for shorty lipo's, not designed to fit any chassis in particular. Ideal for custom build projects or where an existing chassis has space for a shorty but no suitable existing holes to design a holder to use.

This holder requires two holes in the chassis to be 106mm apart (centre to centre) along the centreline of the battery.

Pack includes:

  • x1 cradle
  • x1 strap
  • x2 M3x35mm countersunk hex screws
  • x2 M3x35mm pan head hex screws
  • x2 M3 thumb nuts
  • x2 M3 nyloc nuts

This kit can accommodate both full height lipos and low centre of gravity lipos.

  • Drill two holes 106mm apart, along the centreline of your battery.
  • Choose from the pan head or countersunk screws and fit the cradles to the chassis. 
  • Add a nyloc nut to each screw and wind it down to approximately 2mm below the top of your lipo battery.
  • Slot the strap over the screws so they sit snugly onto the nyloc nuts and fit the thumbscrews. 
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