Muzzoom Lipo Holder (Shorty & Saddle) for Optional XL/XLS Saddle Chassis


For: Schumacher CAT XL and XLS, using the MUZ-180405 saddle chassis.

3D printed cradles, straps and seperater with stainless steel hardware to hold both saddle pack and shorty pack hardcase lipo batteries in the following positions to help weight balance for performance and packaging:

  1. Saddle packs in traditional position.
  2. Saddle packs side-by-side.
  3. Shorty across the chassis with easy forward and backward adjustment for 3 positions to tune weight balance.

This kit can accommodate both full height lipos and low centre of gravity lipos.

  • Choose your desired lipo position and fit the cradles to the chassis with the long screws. Refer to the pictures for which holes to use. 
  • Add a nyloc nut to each screw and wind it down to approximately 2mm below the top of your lipo battery.
  • If using shorty packs, then fit the stops to the strap to locate the forward and backward position.
  • Slot the strap over the screws so they sit snugly onto the nyloc nuts and fit the thumbscrews. 
  • Note that the screw nearest the motor may be too tight for a thumbscrew, so use the spare nyloc if necessary. This can be left slightly loose and then the strap can just be undone from the other end and turned out of the way to remove the battery.

Select from a choice of slot, pozi or hex screw fitment when you add to your basket.

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